Vision and Values


“Make a real and positive contribution to society”

Our Mission

 “To enhance people’s life with value-added products and services, through happy and motivated people, while caring for our environment, making a positive contribution to society and ensuring a fair return to investors”.

Our Motto

“We Care to Succeed”

We will ensure and achieve success of the Group through caring. We will at all time care for the interest of all the stakeholders, including our Customers, our People, our Suppliers, our Shareholders and our Society. Caring for our Environment will be a key proof of our success. We will at all times “Care to Succeed & Succeed to Care”

Values(Extract from Shamal Constituency)

11. Values of SHAMAL, Shareholders, Subsidiaries and Staff
11.1. SHAMAL abides by applicable State laws
11.2. SHAMAL contributes to increase public wealth
11.3. SHAMAL develops and empowers its employees
11.4. SHAMAL ensures real benefits to customers
11.5. SHAMAL fulfils corporate commitments and obligations
11.6. SHAMAL helps to protect our environment
11.7. SHAMAL leads by continuous innovative improvements
11.8. SHAMAL maximises earnings for all stakeholders
11.9. SHAMAL practices business integrity and fairness
11.10. SHAMAL respects and values people’s endeavours.
11.11. SHAMAL supports community development and advancement.

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