OTO Bodycare Products

otoShamal Bodycare is the sole and exclusive ‘Distributor’ of OTO Bodycare in Mauritius. With over 20 years experience in creating innovative healthcare products, OTO has refined its biomedical knowledge by perfecting the balance of traditional learning from the East, and revolutionary technologies from the West. With this platform, products dedicated to help people live better and longer are continuously developed.

OTO aims to be a people's brand. With primary emphasis on innovative healthcare therapies, we seek to reach out to everyone in providing credible products to our consumers with the right pricing strategy.

OTO believe that health care is not limited only to people with deep-pockets and seeks to reinforce education on the importance of rehabilitative therapies and health care maintenance.

Thus changing the perception of people who associate health with negative attributes, such as ‘death’, ‘problems’, ‘no wealth means no health’, etc.

OTO Bodycare designs and manufactures a complete range of body care products grouped under Relaxation, Fitness and Wellness. All OTO Bodycare products come with extensive warranties.

For detailed information on benefits of OTO Bodycare products, you are welcome to visit OTO website

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