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At Edu-Play our mission is to develop the intellect and character of each children by providing educational material with a global perspective. As Parents with faces the responsibility of providing our children with the best educational opportunities. Edu-Play products are design to provide parents with the essential tools to help develop fundamental skill at an early stage of life.

Latest research has shown:

  • From birth to four months, babies are ‘universal linguists’ capable of distinguishing each of the 150 sounds that make up all human speech.
  • Infants are ready to learn any language they hear, but by six months they start to specialize in their native language.
  • The power to learn a language is so great in the young child….. They can learn as many spoken languages as you can allow them to hear systematically and regularly as the same time.
  • Around age three, Children start putting words together into simple sentences and by age six have experienced a vocabulary explosion of more than 10,000 words.
  • Neuroscientists have now confirmed that the brain’s greatest growth spurt draws to a close around the age of ten.

Why you should not wait for school to start teaching your child?

  • By the time school starts, you child will have missed valuable years when the ability to absorb new language skills is at its greatest.
  • Most schools cannot provide enough of the multi- sensory
  • Not enough time is spent at school learning. It is must to provide additional learning opportunities outside school and at home

According to educational experts, children spend only about 16% of their time in school...

While 84% is spent under home influence. Learning does not begin when your child walks through the classroom door.

Learning begins at home

Edu – Play products allows you child to develop these essential skill:

  • Visual and observation skills
  • Listening and Concentration skills
  • Early language and reading skills
  • Early mathematical skills
  • Early manipulative skills
  • Self- help skills
  • Social and emotional development


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