Edu-Play (a combination of Education and Playing), registered in 2005 is the sole and exclusive ‘Distributor’ of Pioneer House Books of Dubai in Mauritius. Pioneer House specialises in the creation, design and manufacturing of developmental and educational products for children age 3 +.

Our trained Sales Consultants have through the “Home Presentation” explained the importance of having the “Right” educational and developmental products in the home environment to many parents of small children.

The quality and educational value of Edu-Play products are so important and obvious that very soon every family in Mauritius with small children will be proudly using Edu-Play products in their home.


Is to develop the intellect and character of each student by providing educational materials with a global perspective.


Edu- Play products are sold in Mauritius, through a trained and motivated team of over 75 Sales Consultants, continuously trained and supported by our over 10 Sales Managers.

Edu – Play Ltd in association with Leadership and Motivation Institute develop extensive Sale and Management training to constantly develop the sales force and grow the team.

Quarterly General Meetings are organized to regroup all the sales forces in one venue and recognized Club members, Managers, Top performing consultants and to give away incentives the sales forces has been working for.

Edu- Play Ltd sales consultants benefits from unique incentives, design and formulated in such a way that it is not only motivating but brings out the fun of working in the Direct Selling business as well.  Example of Incentive; Trips to exciting destination (Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa etc), Weekend in Resort Hotels, Beach and End of Year Parties and the chance to win exciting Home Products.  


Edu-Play Ltd has design a team of Customer Care department that ensure customers’ constantly benefiting from the products and guarantee a quality service.

phone-ico(230) 464 88 55