A Healthy Lifestyle

Water is Life

  • 70% of our body is water.
  • All body functions depend on it.
  • It rehydrates and replenishes our body.

We are so dependent on it!

However, in the last century alone we have contaminated and polluted our environment more than since the beginning of time!
Unfortunately, in many cases the contaminated water may have already been consumed.

• e. coli • bacteria • chlorine • asbestos • pesticides • herbicides • giardia cysts • trihalomethanes • cryptosporidium • silt and rust • lead • bad taste • odors

Chlorine can also be inhaled and absorbed through the skin during showering and bathing.

July 1991 (US News & World Report)

If you wouldn’t swim in your swimming pool when it is filled with tap water, why would you drink or prepare your food with it?

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The Power of Juicing

Fresh juice can help strengthen your immune system... affect how you look and feel... even how long you live!

Lower the risk of: Heart Disease, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Colds and Flu

Expert Agree
Most health problems can be related to dietary deficiencies.
"The more fruits and vegetables people eat or drink the less likely they are to develop cancer or other serious diseases."

Dr. Greenwald, Director of cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute

"Fresh Juice helps eliminate or prevent many health problems. Juices nourish and revitalize the blood stream. They are the regenerators and builders of your body!"

Drink Your Troubles Away, Dr. John Lust, Nutritionist/ Researcher

Juicing will help you:
• You'll look and feel better!
• You'll help slow down your ageing process!
• You'll enjoy energy and vitality!
• You'll lose and control your weight-naturally!

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Protecting Your Health

Life is wonderful when you feel great and you are in good health.

Health is our most valuable asset, but it is not until we are sick that we appreciate it.
"Most of all the health problems underlying the leading causes of death could be modified by diet improvement". Dr. C. Edith Wen-US Dept. of Agriculture

"Heart Disease and stroke are the first and third leading causes of death in the United States. About 950.000 Americans die each year, which amount to 1 death every 33 seconds. We can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by adopting a healthier and nutritious diet". National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention

"One third of all cancer can be prevented by changes in diet & lifestyle." National Cancer Institute

What can you do to protect your health?
• Follow a regular exercise program.
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
• Make proper food selections.
• Reduce fat intake.
• Increase consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
• Prepare your foods properly.

Nature supplies all the nutrition necessary for good health but improper preparation can destroy it!

Peeled Away:
Peeling removes valuable vitamins and minerals found just below the skin of fruits and vegetables.

Boiled Away:
Boiling transfers additional vitamins and minerals from food to the boiling water.

Drained Away:
Draining pours away the additional vitamins and minerals lost through boiling.

"Healthy cooking is more than food selection. It is also how to prepare food"
American heart association

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