About Us

The Shamal Group was established in 2001. Shamal Investments Ltd, the Group holding and investing company was registered on 9-Jan-2002...

The Companies

The Group's activities are divided in 5 business units: Education & Training, Health & Bodycare, Travel & Tourism, Trading, Services...


Shamal Group will be celebrating 10 years in October. We have lined up a list of activities for our staffs, our customers and the general public....

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. You can also locate one of our regional branches closest to you...

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Protect

    From diabetes through awareness

  • Preserve

    Remaining biodiversity in Mauritius

  • Provide

    Assistance to cancer patients


  • SHAMAL….These 6 letters means more than a company to me. My name…

phone-ico(230) 464 88 55